Roos 'N' More

Updated: April 2016


By Cambria Roth

Roos-N-More Zoo began with a wallaby and a love for animals. In 2002, a wallaby named Pogo joined the family of Jay and Valerie Holt and soon after, Jay met and fell in love with a camel. When their mob of kangaroos and wallabies grew to 15, they decided it was time to move to the country from Las Vegas. In Moapa, Valerie found herself sharing the animals at her children’s schools and as the visitors stopping to see the animals increased, so did their collection. Valerie was drawn to discovering and learning about uncommon species of animals that she had never known existed.

Today, Roos-N-More is home to nearly 300 animals, including lemurs, monkeys, a sloth, birds, reptiles, camels, a zebra, a caracal, a serval, tamarins and marmosets, wallabies, and kangaroos. “Without places like Roos-N-More, many of these animals would only be read about in books or seen on television,” says Carrie Marques, animal care manager. “All animals play an important part in the world, and learning about how these animals live and interact with each other and their environments teaches us a lot about ourselves as humans.”

This zoo is unique in that it is one of only three Zoological Association of America-accredited facilities in Nevada. To become accredited, a zoo must apply, go through a lengthy inspection process, and meet the criteria.

The animals at Roos-N-More are given enrichment items in their enclosures, so animals are entertained and engaged in their surroundings. The zoo is operated on donations, admission prices from zoo days, and private tours—plus occasional grants from generous businesses.

Roos-N-More Zoo is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on specific zoo days each month, which can be found by visiting the website. The zoo also offers on-site parties, private tours, and the opportunity to “bring the zoo to you.”

Roos-N-More Zoo
746 Snowden Ranch Rd., Moapa Town


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