Photo By: Kathryn Ransom

Tahoe Travelogue

Updated: October 2016


Points of Interest


Lake Tahoe, Nevada is one of THE best travel destinations in the United States. Close the “Biggest Little City in the World” and about 30 miles from my home in Reno, it offers the traveler a plethora of delightful things to do. We travel there at every opportunity as Lake Tahoe never gets old. We have made this trek there just about every month of the year, it is beautiful throughout every season. Going there just about every month of the year, my husband and I frequent this gem rain or shine!

We love to visit Incline Village, where there is wonderful Ski Incline, and enjoy Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe. We visit Sand Harbor in the summer where they have an incredible Shakespeare Festival, and often times visit world-renowned Zephyr Cove farther on the southern side of the Lake. There are casinos available in Stateline, NV where Nevada borders California.

When visiting this magical place, we feel as if we have stepped into another world entirely. Lake Tahoe allows us to get away from the stresses of the work week and us feel as if we can finally breathe again. This beautiful oasis has a magical feeling for us…a spiritual trek if you will. The Native Americans who used to reside in Lake Tahoe must’ve had a bountiful life, as Lake Tahoe offers so much of nature’s unique gifts. 

If there is one place you must visit in Nevada, make it Lake Tahoe; it’s a must-see, must-do experience for any traveler!! Close by is the "Biggest Little City in the World" in Reno, where casinos also abound, and the convenient Reno-Tahoe Airport which offers access to other United States destinations. Come visit Lake Tahoe Nevada.... it will be an experience you will never forget!


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