Photo By: Joe McDonald,

Taking In Some Spectacular Scenery on the 4th of July Weekend

By JOE JOE | July 2014
Updated: February 2016

Taking In Some Spectacular Scenery on the 4th of July Weekend | JOE JOE

The storms this weekend herald the beginning of Southern Nevada’s monsoon season. The storms also add character to the sky with the addition of fast moving clouds of differing shapes and textures. The storm clouds cause the sun’s rays to bounce around, giving dynamics to what some see as a boring landscape of ridges.

This weekend, I decided to drive west on US95 to check out the recently finished desert overlook on Deer Creek Road. I was greeted by a beautiful black-tail doe foraging near the pedestrian path, but the heavy storm clouds squashed the sunset. Giving it another try, last night I ventured further northwest off of Cold Creek. This location offers a majestic view north towards Indian Springs and Creech Air Force Base, with peaks from the Spotted Range to the left (west) and the Pintwater Range to the right (east).

The sunset's range of light, filtered by dense clouds caused shafts of light to reflect off the high desert giving in to the red and orange rays. While the blue, green and violet slower light waves played around in the topography. While waiting for the sun’s splendor, a lone buckskin stallion with two roans and several black wild horse families grazed past me. The adults barely noticed me, but the foals, still with their short tails and scrub brush manes, were curious.