Carson City may be a ghost town — and by that, we don’t mean an abandoned city.

“This area seems to have an abundance of ghosts,” Janet Jones, author of “Haunted Carson City,” said. 

The book, released in August by The History Press, chronicles 19 haunted buildings in Carson City, including the Clemens House (former home of Mark Twain’s brother, Orion Clemens; purportedly haunted by Clemens’ young daughter, Jennie) and the Bliss Mansion (former home of lumber magnate Duane Bliss, current home to as many as 35 ghosts, according to Jones).

Jones said she has visited almost every structure described in “Haunted Carson City,” adding that her psychic abilities have enabled her to have contact with some of the ghosts. And while the spirits are not malevolent, according to Jones, they do seem plentiful in the Victorian-era houses of downtown Carson City. That is to say, the 19 haunted buildings in the book may not be the only ones in Carson City.

“There’s way more than that,” Jones said.

“Haunted Carson City” is available at the Carson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, 1900 S. Carson St., Suite 100, Carson City; and through The History Press.

Intrigued? Consider the Carson City Ghost Walk on Oct. 20. These are 90-minute guided walking tours in which Carson City’s history is explored and theatrically relived. Stops on the Ghost Walk include the above-mentioned Bliss Mansion; the Ferris Mansion, home of George Ferris Jr., inventor of the Ferris wheel; and the Rinckel Mansion, built by Mathias Rinckel. Tickets are available here. 

For more information on staying in Carson City, visit the Carson City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

(Above, Janet Jones poses with her book, "Haunted Carson City," at the Carson City Convention and Visitors Bureau.)