Had a bad day at work? Want a place to salsa dance on a Friday night? Want a Mexican restaurant where you can have fun with a group of friends and get your money's worth of food? Then head over to Bertha Miranda's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina off of Mill Street in downtown Reno. My friend and I went there the other night because of a tradition that began a couple years ago with a couple of my friends. Because we are still in college, after finals we go celebrate at Bertha Miranda's. One of my friends just finished summer school, so Bertha Miranda's – here we came! Every time I have been to the restaurant, I have never had to wait for a table. Maybe it's just good timing or luck, but I'm not one to complain about that. The service is usually prompt and I have never had a complaint with the food or service. After we decided what we wanted to eat, the waiter was right there taking down our order. However, this man always amazes me. I have had him as a waiter every time I have been there and never once has he pulled out a notebook and written down our orders. And I mean never. The other miracle is that our food/beverages have never been wrong. Even with someone as picky as I am and who changes the meal a bit. My drink of choice when I go there is the peach margarita. You can ask them to make it strong (warning, if you ask for this, they are stronger than you may think – you'll find that out usually when you try to stand up), regular, or not as strong. They also have other flavors for margaritas, beers and can make almost whatever cocktails you request. When it comes to the prices, they actually aren't that bad for what you get. One margarita will run you about $8, a pitcher of margaritas for about $24 and food begins around $11 for combination plates. Also, as you wait for your food, you are provided with chips and salsa that never seem to run out. The atmosphere is rustic Mexican. They have paintings on the walls and they try to make you feel as though you are a part of the family. You can choose to either eat in the bar room, dining room or there is a covered patio outside where they can serve you. Bertha Miranda's is also accommodating. From a date to a group of friends to a business meeting to a graduation party, the restaurant is able to cater to almost any request. The only problem that Bertha Miranda's seems to have is parking. First of all, Bertha Miranda's is a small restaurant on the side of the street that can be easily passed. If you manage to find it, there is very limited parking in their small parking lot. If you come later on in the evening or on the weekends, more than likely you will have to try to find a spot somewhere on the street. Don't let this stress you out – more than likely you will have a fun experience.