Summer time is a great time to get out of the house for a weekend and see what Nevada has to offer. From camping to lakes to hiking and biking trails, Nevada has some of the best places to escape from the stress of work of daily life. If camping is your thing, there a places around Nevada that isn't too far to drive to but is far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you enjoy camping in a tent, an RV or a trailer, camping is one of many outings that can bring summer joy. Some of the more popular lakes where people like to camp are: Pyramid Lake (located about one hour north of Reno) Lake Tahoe Lake Lahontan (located southeast of Reno) Frenchman's Lake (located in California) Washoe Lake (between Carson City and Reno) The campgrounds located near Wall Canyon and Canyon Creek are nice if you enjoy camping where there isn't a lot of people and you want to enjoy what nature has to offer. Caution though, these campgrounds are not marked out. You have to find a clear space on your own. View Larger MapIf you want to get away just for the day to go swimming, there are many options for you. When it comes to lakes, there are Pyramid Lake, Lake Tahoe, Lake Lahontan, Frenchman's Lake and Washoe Lake, to name a few. Some of the more popular beaches at Pyramid and Tahoe are (depicted on the map): Pyramid Lake – Sutcliffe Lake Tahoe Kings Beach Zephyr Cove Sand Harbor If you are going to go to the lake for the day, remember to leave early because the beaches start filling up by late morning. Also, make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen to protect yourself from the hot sun. If you want to go hiking or biking, there are plenty of options for you too. Some of the more popular trails are: Tahoe Rim Trail Mount Rose Trail Whites Creek Trail (located in the Carson Range) Keystone Canyon Trail (near Peavine) These trails typically take all day to hike and the degree of difficulty varies. It is strongly recommended to research the trails and areas before attempting the hikes. Summer can bring lots of fun but also a lot of dangers. Be safe and wise when it comes to outdoor activities. Do research on the areas you want to go to and come prepared. As the cliché goes: “Better be safe than sorry.”