I've lived in Nevada most of my life. More specifically, in the countryside outside of Reno. When you live somewhere for such a long time, you forget about the good aspects of it and focus on how to leave that city or state. Most of the people I know have done just that. I'm included. When I moved back from Kansas a few years ago, I thought, “Here we go again. It's just Nevada. It's just Reno.” From the way I saw things, there was nothing exciting or fun to do, especially if you were under 21. At least in Las Vegas, there were other attractions. Here? Nothing. It wasn't until I met my best friend that I began opening my eyes to Reno and the surrounding area. I was terrified of downtown. I thought there was nothing there but homeless people and crime. Now don't get me wrong, downtown still scares me sometimes, but some of the best people I ever met, live or hang out in downtown Reno. There are many things to do Reno and the surrounding area that I never knew or expected myself to do. The Truckee River is a nice place to hang out (if you know where to go.) We went rafting down the river a couple weeks back and I hadn't had that much fun in a long time. Another fun thing to do is to go biking. There are different trails that you can take or you can ride around the city. There's even a bike trail that takes you right along the Truckee, beginning from downtown. If you want to get out of the Reno area for a bit, there is always Bower's Mansion or Lake Tahoe. You can swim, picnic and enjoy soaking up the sun. Reno is full of interesting people and isn't as dull as I had thought. Sometimes you have to force yourself out your bubble to see the good in things. Other times, it takes meeting some great people to give you experiences you will never forget. Reno, and Nevada in general, offers so many great adventures and experiences that are perfect for the family or by yourself. It just takes a little bit of exploring.