What is it about the fall weather that makes curling up with a good book so great? "Tales of Wovoka," a story of a Paiute Indian prophet, is written by Gunnard Solard. Read about Wovoka, the ghost dance prophet, and how this movement spread from tribe to tribe, eventually contributing to the tragedy at Wounded Knee.

"The Gold Rush Letters of E. Allen Grosh and Hosea B. Grosh" is another book to pick up. The letters offer vivid accounts of the turbulent western frontier, the diverse society and challenges of the gold rush mining camps.

"Waiting for the Cars" is a unique book with more than 200 3D photographs of the Central Pacific Railroad construction. Alfred A. Hart’s 19th century stereo images were converted to 3D anaglyphs by University of Nevada, Reno journalism professor Howard Goldbaum and prominent Nevada railroad historian Wendell W. Huffman wrote the text.