Fire and Ice 2009: White Pine County’s 2009 Fire and Ice Show is January 17-18 at Cave Lake State Park. Click to enlarge.The world’s best ice sculpting and fireworks show hits White Pine County’s frozen Cave Lake in January, 2009. The annual Fire and Ice Show is January 19 and 18, and this year’s event has added some fun to the festivities. Prior years featured the two-day ice sculpting contest culminating in a fireworks show launched over Cave Lake and echoing throughout the canyon extending back into the state park. This year, however, will have an added fireworks show in Ely. According to Park Ranger Steve Gray, the Ely fireworks show, on the night of the 17th, will be set off from a train as it moves through town. Ely is also home to one of Nevada’s great railroad museums, and the tracks run through a part of town that should allow people to watch the whole show from just about anywhere. The addition of the extra fireworks show should make for an entire new dimension of fun, as Ely is a fantastic host to the teams carving out sculptures and the visitors, like we were last year, who come to see them. If you want to see a little bit of what Fire and Ice is about, make sure to watch these videos. Ed Spear helps organize event in Ely, and like so many of the towns great residents, takes a lot of pride in Fire and Ice: Harley Haslem is an artist who grew up in Ely but moved away. He comes back to build a sculpture, and won the contest in 2008: Do yourself a favor and take the time to visit Ely for Fire and Ice. It’s truly a wonderful event put on by some great people.