Want to see a historic Nevada barn up close? The Douglas County Historical Society is offering its Historic Barns of Carson Valley tour between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. June 25. The itinerary includes guided tours of six timber-frame barns, some still associated with family ranches and still in use. These barns provide a look at ranching and agricultural history in the Carson Valley and Nevada. Tickets, $25, include admission to the Courthouse Museum Genoa and the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center on June 25. An open-range lunch at Dr. Eliza Cook’s historic home is offered for an additional $10. Tickets for the tour and the lunch are limited, so purchase them early. Tickets are at the Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center, 1477 U.S. 395 in Gardnerville; at the Courthouse Museum Genoa, 2304 Main St. in Genoa; or by phone at 775-782-2555.