Recently, my friend and I are sitting in our seats waiting for the Kenny G concert to begin. We have just strolled through an area that makes you feel like you are walking down the streets of an Italian village lined with shops and wonderful places to eat. We try to decide between a nice coffee drink or the many flavors of gelato for an after dinner treat. After ordering a gelato cone, we wander over to a bench by the lakeside. We sit down and begin to enjoy the colors of the sunset as they peek over a bridge that looks exactly like the Pontevecchio Bridge of Florence, Italy. Not your normal Las Vegas concert setting, won't you agree? But the MonteLago Village area of Lake Las Vegas with its grand floating stage is a wonderful venue to take in an evening concert. This wasn't my first concert experience at Lake Las Vegas. My concert and event experiences range from enjoying the Beach Boys, Andrea Bocelli, Seal, the Nevada Ballet, and now Kenny G. The lights go dim and we are eagerly watching the stage for the first glimpse of Kenny G. The music starts and you can hear the beautiful saxophone melody, but still no Kenny G visible on the stage. Soon your attention is drawn to a spotlight on the grassy knoll where many of the concert attendees are sitting on their blankets. It's then that you realize that he is standing and playing amongst the crowd. For the first fifteen minutes of the concert, he gives nearly everyone in attendance a “front row” seat to his concert as he walks and plays his way on to the stage. Before the first song is over, he has the many loyal fans already convinced that it's going to be great concert! The concert was excellent! And so was the setting for the concert. If you have yet to experience the total Lake Las Vegas area, take the 20-minute drive out from the Las Vegas strip and step into a world that you would encounter if you actually traveled the 6,000 miles to Italy.