It’s a tough job, but a skeleton’s got to do it.

The mammoth skeleton at the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas stands tall — about 13 feet at the shoulder — in the Pleistocene Nevada Exhibit, enticing visitors young and old to learn more about the state’s geology and natural history. But it’s not all business with the skeleton.

“We thought it would be fun to involve the community in giving him a name,” Stacy Irvin, the museum’s curator of education, said.

Irvin and Sally Underwood, the museum’s curator of natural history, came up with the idea to celebrate National Fossil Day, which is Oct. 17.

The Name the Mammoth contest runs through Oct. 12; entries can be submitted in person at the museum, which is inside the Springs Preserve complex at 333 S. Valley View Blvd.  in Las Vegas, through the museum’s Facebook page or by emailing to Museum staff will select three names, which will be posted to the museum’s Facebook page, where people can vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced Oct. 19.  

About 75 entries have been submitted so far, Irvin reports. Those include “Funny Bones,” “Stomper,” “Fuzzy Was He” and “Columbo” (perhaps a reference to the skeleton’s past as Columbian mammoth) as well as the ironic “Tiny.” 

(Above, mammoth skeleton photo courtesy of Springs Preserve.)