The Shoe Tree: Located on Highway 50 just east of Middlegate Junction, the shoe tree is a popular stopping point for travelers. Photo by Ryan Jerz.Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw is planning a trip along US Highway 50 beginning this spring. The trip will start in Maryland and continue through the country with some stops along the way. Highway 50 travels through Nevada and the Lake Tahoe area before ending up in Sacramento. We’d like to be the first to encourage Mr. Brokaw to make sure he spends a bit of time along the road in our state. There are certainly some interesting stories to tell along the Loneliest Road, and some fascinating things to see, including the fabulous Shoe Tree. While making his way through here, he can visit Ely, Eureka, Austin, Fallon, Fernley, Dayton, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe. We think he should stop in all of them, but we might be a little biased. No matter which towns Brokaw chooses to spend some time in, we’re sure he’ll find a great story or two there, and some very good people to talk with.