October is probably the most “haunted” of months, and that probably has something to do with some day near the end that we celebrate ghosts. Beyond that, however, is a great opportunity to attach those ghosts, or “spirits past,” as we’ll call them to modern times and teach about the history of our cities, states, and our nation. Enter the activity called the “Ghost Walk.” Northern Nevada has a fair share of them available during the month of October, and they’ve become a pretty popular attraction. Not only do you get the chance to tour historic neighborhoods and learn from the ghosts of past residents, political leaders and business moguls, you might get scared a bit along the way. Nevada Magazine featured some of the walks last year, including Carson City, Virginia City, Goldfield and Las Vegas. The Haunted Vegas Tour will take you through the days of the Mob running Las Vegas with a trip top Bugsy Siegel’s haunting grounds. Or you can see the glitz and glamor that Liberace carried with him. On October 25 in Carson City, Madame Zamora will take you through the Victorian neighborhoods to give a glimpse of the capital’s past: The tour highlights the “wicked” ones and outlaws from past centuries who still call the Wild West their home, playfully recreated by Elizabethan styled actors. Tours start at 9:00a.m. and depart every 30 minutes until 3:00pm from the St. Charles Hotel in downtown. No matter which place you choose to enjoy the walk, you’re sure to be treated to a thrilling look at Nevada’s past. More information: Haunted Vegas Tours Virginia City, Nevada Carson City, Nevada Nevada Magazine