Kristoffer Glenn Pfalmer, a guardsman navigator for the Nevada Air National Guard in Reno, is the Grand Prize winner of Nevada Magazine’s 35th annual Great Nevada Picture Hunt photo contest — the feature story in the publication’s September/October 2012 issue.

The winning image (above), titled “Ranges Blue," was captured from a Las Vegas-bound commercial jet about 100 miles northwest of the city looking east into Nevada. The picture shows dozens of Nevada's mountain ranges shrouded in a beautiful blue haze. "I used the color casting as an artistic element," Pfalmer says.

In addition to the Grand Prize, Pfalmer won the Events category with his black-and-white "Thunderbirds" photo and was runner-up in the Photo Illustration category with his "Strega" image. Both images are of planes that participated in the 2011 National Championship Air Races and Air Show (now the Reno Air Races, which occur annually in September).

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2013 Nevada Historical Calendar

The 2013 Nevada Historical Calendar, produced by Nevada Magazine, is now available for pre-order. For 40 years, Nevada residents and enthusiasts have enjoyed the award-winning wall calendar full of black-and-white photographs from years gone by. It also makes for a great holiday gift.

A snowy Reno scene nearly a century ago is featured on the cover (above). The 2013 calendar features many more images from Nevada’s past, including John Wayne in Carson City during the 1976 filming of "The Shootist," a 1920s Fourth of July celebration in Ely, a 1953 photo of downtown Henderson (classic cars included), and a 1933 image of Dini's Lucky Club in Yerington.

Each calendar is $14 plus $4 shipping and handling. To order, visit, or call 775-687-0603. Nevada state employees can get the 2013 Nevada Historical Calendar for $11 by e-mailing or calling 775-687-0633.