Spectators enjoy competition and scenery at the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open on Sunday at Montrêux Golf and Country Club. Photo by Matthew B. BrownOn one hand, you’re taking a nature walk. On the other, you’re watching PGA competition. That was my very simplified take on the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open as I strolled from the 18th tee to the 16th on Sunday, my first experience at Reno’s only PGA event, held at Montrêux Golf and Country Club. My destination: Fiesta Loco, of course, an odd mix of “loco” and “silencio“—every time a golfer readies for a shot, spectators have to hush and hold their margaritas still, as to not so much as rattle an ice cube against the side of their plastic cups. Then, when it’s time to “go loco,” for 30-second periods a mariachi band plays snippets of classics such as “La Bamba.” The event does not draw the biggest names on Tour, but it does offer fans the chance to be among professional athletes, a rarity in Northern Nevada outside the ski and snowboard scene. A mariachi band performs during Fiesta Loco on the 16th hole at the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open. Photo by Matthew B. BrownMichelle Wie was probably the most recognizable name at this year’s event, but she made her usual exit after two rounds, missing the cut after she followed Thursday’s solid round with a Friday disaster. Even though it’s a PGA event, Wie was given permission to play. She’s played in mens’ events quite a few times in her young career with unfavorable results. Parker McLachlin shot a 2-over 74 on Sunday and still cruised to his first PGA Tour victory by seven strokes, finishing at 18 under. McLachlin’s in his second season on the PGA Tour. Thanks to RED Development, I was granted access to the hospitality tents, which looked over the 18th hole. Businesses such as the Reno Gazette-Journal and Wells Fargo, due to their sponsorship status, had their own sections. Being my first time at the event (and at Montrêux), I was surprised at how big of a production it was. It definitely felt like a legitimate PGA event. 18th-hole action at the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open on Sunday at Montrêux Golf and Country Club. Photo by Matthew B. BrownThe scenery blew me away more than the competition (and even the buffet spread, I guess). I’ve always thought of the area around Montrêux, located on Mount Rose Highway (State Route 431), as the “beginning of Tahoe.” Desert turns to pine almost immediately, and nestled in the mountainous environment are multi-million dollar homes. My jaw nearly hit the shuttle floor as we passed home after beautiful home. I’d call them cottages, but that would be an insult if you take into account the average size of a home in the community. There was a booth at the event which offered home tours, but I had margaritas to tend to. For more information: Legends Reno-Tahoe Open Montrêux Golf and Country Club Your guide to golf around Nevada: Golf.TravelNevada.com