The Northern Nevada Railway in Ely will bring out the Steptoe Valley Flyer for a special ride at 6:30 p.m. June 23. (At left is Steam Locomotive 40, which will pull the Steptoe Valley Flyer on June 23 at the Northern Nevada Railway.)

The Steptoe  Valley Flyer was the train that brought 4.5 million people, mainly immigrants, into White Pine County between 1910 and 1941. The 2.5-hour ride includes a brown-bag dinner aboard the train; Mark Bassett, executive director of the Northern Nevada Railway, will discuss area history and the railroad era. Guests are encouraged to wear vintage clothes.

The Northern Nevada Railway is a historic railroad that once hauled copper ore from the mines west of Ely to the smelters north of the city.

“There’s no place like it in the country,” Bassett said. “This is where time stopped half a century ago. You walk up to the original ticket window, and you go out and board the original train.”

The railway got its start in 1905, when the Nevada Consolidated Copper Company built a 150-mile rail line to move the copper ore. Today, visitors can ride the original steam and diesel engines on the section of track that runs from Ely to the town of McGill.

Tickets for the Steptoe Valley Flyer ride are $46, $25 children.

For more on staying in Ely, visit the White Pine County Tourism and Recreation Board website.