The Red Rock National Conservation Area is a popular, scenic Las Vegas attraction. Millions of people visit Red Rock by car, bus, motorcycles and on bicycles. But now you can experience the spectacular, natural beauty of Red Rock from a customized 3-wheeled scooter car. Scoot City Tours gives you a unique and fun way to see Red Rock Canyon. The Scoot City Tours vehicle has been specially built for 2 people. When you slip down into the scooter car you feel like you are in a micro-mini convertible with throttled handle bars. The tour begins by travelling the streets and open road on the west side of Las Vegas for about 6 miles to the entrance of Red Rock Canyon. After entering the park, your tour guide continues to lead you on an awesome 13-mile loop through this geological wonder in the desert. The open-top vehicle allows unobstructed views of the gorgeous scenery in every direction