A criterium bicycle race anchors the annual Tour dez Nez festival, which includes the Clunker Classic, in which cyclists race on modified or decorated bikes, and the Tour de N’Ally Cat, a bike messenger scavenger race. The festival, set for July 28-29 in Reno, also includes the Gold Sprint Cocktail Rules World Championship, a 500-meter race in which competitors ride stationary bicycles while holding drinks.

“We’ll have super exciting bicycle racing as well as all the mayhem people have come to know as the Mighty, Mighty Tour de Nez,” said Tim Helion, Tour de Nez’s Chief of Everything Officer and festival organizer.  

The festival, now in its 20th year, started as a single criterium race to celebrate the anniversary of Deux Gros Nez coffeehouse in Reno (since closed.)

Many of this year’s events, including a kids’ race, an expo and a bike swap, can be enjoyed at Wingfield Park, Arlington Avenue and First Street in Reno.

Competitors who want to register for a race can do so online.

For more on staying in the Reno-Sparks area during your visit, see the Reno-Tahoe Convention and Visitors Authority.