Nevada Overview

Nevada’s wide range of destinations makes it unique among the 50 states—and throughout the world. Come visit us!

Nevada offers travelers world-renown big cities and undiscovered small towns. In glittering Las Vegas you’ll find 24/7 entertainment whether rocking out to a new band or hiking along bands of red rock. The Reno/Tahoe area offers year-round outdoor and indoor adventure with 1,000 (or more!) reasons to visit. And, if the joy is in the journey, venture out to Nevada’s rural communities for an exploration you’ll never forget. Nevada is divided into Territories making your trip planning easy. Check out Nevada’s incredible cities, towns and territories to find the trip of a lifetime.

Glittering Cities

From sun-up to sun-down and those magical hours in between, Nevada is filled with 24/7 action. You’ll feel the energy the moment you step foot on the famed Las Vegas Strip or look up and find yourself under the world famous Reno Arch. Spectacular casinos, luxury shopping, celebrity restaurants and street to skyline entertainment mean everywhere you look, Nevada’s cities provide a thrilling rush of excitement.

Great Towns

Nevada has a number of truly great towns. These may be smaller in population, but they’re loaded with personality. Each community offers visitors a chance to discover a sense of place that makes each town unique. Across the state, these towns feature historic properties, authentic Basque and other regional cuisine, Nevada’s wineries, local artists and a cast of characters that you’ll find only in Nevada. Special events provide a special opportunities to visit these communities throughout the year so check out the events calendar before planning your trip!

Historic Places

Nevada offers the history buff a playground of historic towns to discover. Go underground at one of several Nevada mines, tour a historic courthouse, and explore a ghost town. Nevada’s historic sites provide a look back into the Silver State’s rich history and heritage.