Amargosa Valley

The Amargosa Valley is a small town on the southern Nevada-California border that is situated in a desert of the same name. Flanked by the Funeral Mountains to the west and Yucca Mountain and the Nellis Air Force Range to the east, both the desert and town were named for the Amargosa River. The desert river flows through the valley when rainfall floods the desert washes and ultimately ends in Death Valley, California. The small community of Amargosa Valley, which was formerly known as Lathrop Wells, is a quiet, friendly hamlet set in a region of historical significance. Ancient campsites dating back to the last ice age, at least 10,000 years ago, suggest that an ancient people once inhabited the valley. Today, the hospitable town offers a small selection of amenities, including a full-service hotel and casino, and serves as a gateway to a downright incredible array of natural wonders in the surrounding landscape.

First up are Death Valley National Park and the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, both remarkable and scenic points of interest in the area. While Death Valley needs no introduction, Ash Meadows is a refuge stretching 23,000 acres and encompassing spring-fed wetlands that offer sanctuary to at least 24 plants and animals that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet! Nearby Big Dune is a staggering formation of sand dunes reaching approximately 300 feet above the surrounding landscape, a favorite spot for off-road adventurers. But perhaps the most magical destination is the Amargosa Opera House in the nearby town of Death Valley Junction. The proprietress, a famous artist and former Broadway performer, filled the theatre and hotel with wonderful murals that charm locals and tourists alike.