Ruby Mountains

Elko, Nevada


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Type: Horseback Riding
The remote trails and spectacular scenery make northeastern Nevada an oasis for horseback riders. The entire 38-mile-long Ruby Crest Trail is open to horses. The National Forest around Angel Lake and Wells in the East Humboldt Range also offers numerous trails and backcountry riding opportunities.
Getting There: The Ruby Mountains and the Ruby Crest trailhead are 32 miles southeast of Elko on State Route 227. From there turn right onto the U.S. Forest Service road that leads to Lamoille Canyon. Angel Lake is located 10 miles south of Wells on State Route 231.

Type: Skiing, Boarding & Snowshoeing
The Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail and the numerous roads, peaks and passes in the Ruby Mountains are spectacular terrain for skiers. Lamoille Canyon Rd. offers several winter recreation opportunities including snowplay, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.
Getting There: From Elko take State Route 227 - 26 miles to Lamoille Canyon.

Type: Heli-skiing
Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing, based in Lamoille, gives new meaning to the phrase “fresh tracks.” Thrill-seeking skiers are transported via helicopter to the Ruby Mountains’ powdery slopes and dropped off at peaks approaching 11,000 feet. The fall lines — and views — are heart-stopping.
Getting There: From Elko take State Route 227 - 20 miles to Lamoille.

Nevada's backcountry areas are prone to avalanches. Be sure to check with the U.S. Forest service or other governing agencies for specifics. In most cases, permits are not required, but it is highly recommended that you notify someone of your backcountry plans.

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