Pahrump Valley Museum

401 E. Basin
Pahrump, Nevada 89048
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Local residents donated the majority of the extensive collection at the Pahrump Valley Museum, which chronicles the region’s past with its exhibit hall, exterior displays and historic structures. Evidence of Pahrump’s agricultural roots can be seen in the horse-drawn equipment that was used to farm Ash Meadows in the 1890s and the cotton harvesters and tractors dating back to the turn of the century. Another interesting feature of the Pahrump Valley Museum is the many relocated structures on the museum grounds, which are in keeping with the museum’s ongoing mission to preserve these historic buildings. Some of these significant structures include the Yount homestead from the 1880s, the old Pahrump store from 1902, the area’s original one-room schoolhouse dating from 1944, two railroad tie houses from 1946 and two redwood storage silos. Additional relocations are in the planning stages.

One of the most interesting exhibits at the Pahrump Valley Museum doesn’t share the fascinating history of the area. Instead, it focuses on one of the nation’s most famous presidents, and it’s the museum’s centerpiece collection. The Jean and Kariel B. Huff Abraham Lincoln Collection is an incredible selection of memorabilia and more than 800 texts dedicated to the life and times of our 16th president.

With its interesting exhibits, tactile links to the region’s rich past and free admission to boot, a trip to the Pahrump Valley Museum is well worth it.

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