Virginia City Imba-Epic Ride

Virginia City, Nevada

The hilly terrain surrounding this colorful mining town makes for some adventurous trails. While you’ll find several roads and trails circling the mines and hillsides, one of the most popular routes is a 25-mile loop that winds above town. The trail begins at Miner’s Park, where the route offers a 2,000’ vertical climb over rocks and gullies. The trail tops off at 7,400’, where the payoff begins with a long descent back to town. This trail is for the brave-hearted who crave speedy and rocky downhills.
Type: Mountain biking
Distance: 25-mile loop
Trailhead: Miner's Park
Elevation Gain: 2,000'
Difficulty: Advanced
Getting There: Virginia City is 24 miles southeast of Reno from U.S. 395 to State Route 341.

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