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Carson Valley gets a lot of attention as a world-class soaring destination, but it’s not the only place for pilots to spread their wings in the Silver State

In This Adventure:

The atmospheric conditions that make western Nevada a haven for engineless-plane aficionados are prevalent in the skies above eastern Nevada as well. What’s more, glider flights from the remote town of Ely have some of the most uncongested airspace in the country. 

The Ely Soaring Center at Ely Airport invites professional, experienced pilots to bring their gliders and enjoy favorable and challenging conditions that they say are not suitable for beginners. The facility provides tie-downs for the aircraft, oxygen refills, and powered tows into the air., 775-289-8804

Beginner and expert pilots will enjoy soaring above Carson Valley thanks to Soaring NV, which operates out of the Minden-Tahoe Airport., 877-2768