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Ghastly Ghost Hunt Offers Eerie Experience for Paranormal Lovers

The town of Goodsprings is known as the home of one of Nevada’s oldest and quirkiest bars, the Pioneer Saloon. Thanks to Robert George Allen, producer of Haunted Vegas Tours, it will surely become a hotspot for tours of the paranormal as well. The four-hour round-trip tour from Las Vegas reaches Goodsprings via a 35-minute bus ride. During the ride, ghost-hunter guides share stories about some of Nevada’s famous ghostly encounters and show a video about the hauntings at Goodsprings.

Upon arrival, guests are treated to a pizza party before venturing into the town equipped with lanterns and ghost-hunting equipment. Before returning to Las Vegas, tours conclude with a paranormal ceremony at the saloon. The Pioneer Saloon itself is a hotbed of ghoulish goings-on and is rumored to be frequented by the ghost of a gunshot victim—presumably attached in some way to the bullet holes in the wall of the saloon—and the spirit of an old miner., 702-339-8744