After More Than a Decade of Restoration Work, The Tuscarora Society Hall is Complete! The Newly Opened Community Center and Museum Celebrates the Unique History of one of Nevada's Lesser-Known Living Ghost Towns

Named for a Civil War ship, Tuscarora boomed in the 1870s, producing millions of dollars worth of silver. At its peak, the northeastern Nevada town had a population of more than 3,000; today it’s less than 50.

Friends of Tuscarora and Independence Valley, a nonprofit organization in charge of the restoration, set out in 2001 with the goal of raising $20,000 in funds to purchase a historic building in Tuscarora, most recently known as Tuscarora Tavern. Once a crumbling artifact, the Society Hall has been transformed into an informative historical center.

The grand-opening celebration in July featured an exhibit called “Tuscarora and Independence Valley: Then and Now” and provided visitors with an understanding of the diverse history of the region. The exhibit featured Chinese history, fraternal organizations, ranching, schools, mining, hunting, fishing and trapping, the town cemetery, the Tuscarora Post Office, and current residents and events. Fall and winter tours of the Society Hall are available by appointment.


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