Rachel, NV 89001

Aliens, UFO sightings, a secret government testing facility, moonlike terrain. Is it any wonder State Route 375 gained notoriety as the “Extraterrestrial Highway”? Aliens or not, the Extraterrestrial Highway is eerie, and it is wise to stay on the road and not venture too close to the border of Area 51. Armed guards will quickly tell you to turn around, even though Area 51 doesn’t “officially” exist.

But Rachel, the only town along the lonely road, is a much more welcoming place, and the Little A’Le’Inn is the perfect place to get some food, wet your whistle, shop for souvenirs and share tales of extraterrestrial sightings. Location: 98 mile stretch on State Route 375. Rachel is the only town on this route. For more information on Rachel and the Little A'Le'Inn, click here.