We take dining seriously. Whether you're drawn to the high energy theatrics of celebrity chefs or crave the inspired flavors from a homegrown artist, you'll find a restaurant that speaks to you. We've got quite a collection of stars, diamonds and medallions. But we also know that ingredients matter. As you explore Nevada, you'll find fresh, local ingredients are the real stars of the show. From Michelin rated restaurants to local favorites, chances are you'll find something grown or raised right here in Nevada.





Nevada Adventures

Tahoe Lobster

Why "Clarity by Cuisine?"

Well, you have to know Lake Tahoe's history with that pesky...yet yummy...intruder; the crayfish, aka crawfish or crawdad

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Trying to Contain My Excitement

 A Fresh Way to Take in the REAL Downtown Las Vegas

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Discover & Do

Freight House District
Reno, NV

The year-round dining and entertainment complex is adjacent to Aces Ballpark in downtown Reno.

Star neon at night
Elko, NV

The Star Hotel specializes in steaks and lamb served family style. Hearty meals served family style are a hallmark of Basque cuisine in the American West. It’s a tradition that dates back to the late 19th century, when immigrants from the Basque country -- a region straddling France and Spain – came to the United States, often taking up rooms in Basque boardinghouses that served up traditional food from the Old Country. The Star Hotel opened its doors to Elko residents and travelers in 1910.

Winnemucca, NV

Old style diner comfort food with a modern twist! Breakfast and lunch with everything from scratch.

The Grill at Quaill Corners
Reno, NV

The Grill at Quail Corners in Reno is the culinary embodiment of the family's dedication to great food and great service.

Exterior entrance to Ferraro's in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

Mangi, Bevi, Divertiti!

Eat, drink and enjoy yourself! That's been the philosophy behind Ferraro's since its opening in 1985!