Cultural Activities

Nevada Adventures

Rachel Day

Keep an eye out for UFOs when you find yourself traveling the Extraterrestrial Highway (State Route 375); You’re heading for a town as captivating as Area 51 itself: Rachel. 

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Hot August Nights

Ten-Day Classic Car-Themed Event Makes for a Rockin' Good Time in Reno-Sparks

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Discover & Do

Reno Riverwalk
Reno, NV

At the heart of Reno’s downtown urban renaissance is the one and only Riverwalk District, a sparkling medley of shops, bistros and cafés, lodging, bars, taverns, indoor and outdoor entertainment venues and even a whitewater park.

California Trail Interpretive Center
Elko, NV

Learn the stories of the pioneers who endured the 2,000 mile trek from Missouri to California, and the route that defines Nevada's history.

Tuscarora Pottery School
Elko, NV

Enjoy workshops and hand-crafted pottery.

Las Vegas, NV

Tours include the Haunted Vegas tour, the Vegas Mob tour and Las Vegas séance.

Stewart Indian School
Carson City, NV

Located on the south side of Carson City, lies the Stewart Indian School grounds which operated as a working facility from 1890 to 1980. The school was a part of the Native American boarding schools project, a program that removed children from their families and relocated them to various 200 schools established across the country. These boarding schools were an attempt to essentially eradicate the Native American culture, implementing tactics such as forbidding them to speak their native languages, or dressing in traditional garb.