Goldfield, NV
(775) 485-3560

Self-guided tour of a collection of turn-of-the-century technology, old mining equipment, and vehicles. Also includes a collection of military equipment from World War II, including aircraft engines, propeller blades and other aircraft parts.

Due to the area’s rich gold mines in the early 1900s, Goldfield sprang up in western Nevada, full of vigor and action. The opulent Goldfield Hotel boasted one of the first Otis elevators west of the Mississippi, and rich gold barons called this Nevada city home. But the gold eventually ran out and now the town is in a state of “arrested decay,” not quite a ghost town… yet. Visitors can still wander the streets and see the buildings and homes much as they were when they were built.

About 26 miles south of Tonopah on US Highway 95.

Things to do:
• Visit the recently remodeled Northern Saloon & Café at 317 N. Columbia.
• Enjoy a meal at the Mozart, Goldfield’s local restaurant.
• Visit the Santa Fe Saloon, with its 4 motel rooms and slot machines.
• Goldfield has a gas station, auto repair shop, a grocery store, an antique store, a U-Haul, a saddle shop and bars.
• Goldfield Park has a picnic area, tennis court, playground and a lighted baseball field.