1050 S. Main St.
(775) 423-3677

Since 1968, the overwhelming generosity of Churchill County residents has steadily contributed to the exhibits and displays that comprise the Churchill County Museum – a collection that fills nearly 14,000 square feet. With over 12,000 people touring the museum annually, part of its three-fold purpose is to share the county’s rich history. And with an outstanding artifact collection that numbers over 16,000 items and preserved photographs totaling nearly 40,000, visitors to the Churchill County Museum can get a real sense of early life in the area. With its changing displays and community-oriented programs, the museum does a fantastic job of bringing the past to life. Visitors will encounter displays that re-enact the day-to-day life of both some of the valley’s earliest inhabitants and the later farmers and ranchers drawn to the area. Other exhibits offer a glimpse into the daunting hardships faced by the pioneers as they crossed the vast Forty-Mile Desert. The Churchill County Museum also boasts one of the few remaining Springfield Steam Road Rollers that was originally used in the construction of the Lahontan Dam, antique carriages and fire engines, and post office boxes from as early as 1904. One of the most impressive artifacts in the museum is the Woodliff Novelty Store, one of the oldest buildings in Fallon. The entire store was moved to the museum in 1982. The second component of Churchill County Museum’s purpose is to provide local community members with enlightening and educational programs. To that end, the museum hosts speakers and children’s events and also publishes a newsletter and an annual book that explores the area’s heritage. The museum is also dedicated to ensuring that its collection is properly preserved for future generations to enjoy.