Air Sports

From Las Vegas to Reno, the sky is the limit (literally) for adventure in air sports. Whether you want to gently glide amongst the clouds in a hot air balloon, plummet at exhilarating speeds from an airplane, or soar high above the mountains, Nevada’s bright blue skies provide an air sport for everyone.

Nevada Adventures

Setting The Bar Sky High...Literally

Giving My Liver A Break and Devouring An Impressive Dose of Adrenaline in Southern Nevada

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Uniquely Out There

With unbelievable views of the Carson Valley, Job's Peak and Big Blue, an afternoon spent Gliding the Sierra Skies with Soaring NV wont soon be forgotten

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Discover & Do

Lake Tahoe
Reno, NV

Featured services include activities, tours, clinics and rentals for every season. Specific air sports offered are heli-tours, ballooning, soaring, and gliding.

North Shore Parasail
Kings Beach, CA

North Shore Parasail is Lake Tahoe's original and most experienced parasail company.  Don't miss this opportunity to soar up to 1400' over Lake Tahoe's crystal clear water!