It may be a high desert state, but Nevada is still home to hundreds upon hundreds of lakes, ponds, reservoirs, streams and rivers. Altogether, the Silver State boasts nearly 400,000 surface acres of water. And that means impressive fishing no matter what end of the state you happen to be exploring.

Nevada Adventures

Getting Back to Basics in Jarbidge

Despite traveling to far-reaching places to reel in bucket list fish angler's only dream about, a trip to Jarbidge Wilderness Area and Northeastern Nevada reminds professional fisherman Denis Isibster that sometimes what makes you the most fulfilled is getting back to your roots in your home state

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Baited Bliss with Denis Isbister

Sure, Nevada is part of the Great Basin, but there is some spectacular fishing out there I'm desperate for. And to have fishing 101 with fishing legend Denis Isbister at Pyramid? Woah. Take that, Nevada bucket list.

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Discover & Do

Wellington, NV

On your next fishing adventure for Pyramid Lake, get your hands on a scrumptious meal, fishing supplies and permitting information, and an impressive night's stay at Crosby's Lodge in Sutcliffe.

Northwestern, NV

Enjoy The Many Beautiful Nevada Waterways From An Unforgettable Perspective