Whether you are a casual hiker in search of a leisurely walk or a serious hiker looking for a challenging trek, Nevada's trails offer thousands of miles of the best hikes with amazing surroundings and scenery. Everything from desert to lush meadows, mountains to valleys and rivers to lakes, Nevada has a trail for you.

Nevada Adventures

Capturing Nevada's Statescape: Time-Lapse Style

We all know that with a state as enormous as Nevada, the landscapes are as diverse as they come. It wasn't until expert photographer and Nevada native Derrick Lytle time-lapsed over 40 locations that we realized how truly amazing Nevada is

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Backcountry Lakes

Yes, We Specialize in Dry and Hot, But We Also Have A Multitude Of Mountains. And Tucked Away In Our Lofty Nevada Ranges Are Some Beautiful, Refreshing Bodies of Water

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Discover & Do

Southern, NV

Kyle Canyon Picnic Area is set in the beautiful Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, just outside Las Vegas. Visitors enjoy hiking, horseback riding and more in this desert oasis.