Unique Nevada

Looking for an out-of-this world experience? Look no further than the world within Nevada. Only in Nevada will visitors find the engineering marvel, the Hoover Dam, the fabulous Las Vegas strip, Area 51 (although you really can’t get in) and the “Loneliest Road.” Nevada’s state parks feature spectacular rock formations, ancient fossils and well-preserved historical monuments, all creating a one-of-a-kind sense of place.

Nevada Adventures

Cowboy Culture

We are proud of our western heritage, and of the great outdoors that lends itself to this ranching, roping way of life. We're inclined to believe that "purple mountain majesties" was inspired by our snowy peaks.

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The Neon Museum

Renovations Will Make the Las Vegas Attraction Even More Tourist-Friendly

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Discover & Do

Tonopah, NV

A great place to stretch the legs and take in a little history, whether you're staying in Tonopah or just traveling through.

Gabbs, NV

While most ghost towns in the West are left to the wear and tear of weather and time, Berlin is preserved by the State of Nevada

Las Vegas, NV

The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas tells the fascinating story of America's nuclear weapons program and the Cold War.

Rachel, NV

Aliens, UFO sightings, a secret government testing facility, moonlike terrain. Is it any wonder State Route 375 gained notoriety as the “Extraterrestrial Highway”?

Las Vegas, NV

Tour takes visitors into the mine and through the history of the oldest and most famous gold mine in southern Nevada. Canoe and kayak tours are also available at this site.