Ghost Towns

Part of Nevada’s indelible charm and appeal is its rich heritage. And while time travel eludes us still, there is a way to step back into the Silver State’s astonishing past. Dotting the vast landscape of Nevada are countless ghost towns, and while some are marked only by indecipherable ruins and tumbleweeds, others are surprisingly intact. Either way, these remarkable places are portals into a Nevada of old and certainly worth a wander.

Nevada Adventures

Eldorado Canyon

Nevada's Wild West Roots are Encapsuled in this Living Ghost Town

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A Romp Through The Olden Days In McGill

Uncovering A Little History In An Attempt To Prolong Vacation, Any Time In McGill Proves To Be An Afternoon Well Spent 

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Discover & Do

Dilapidated buildings in downtown Belmont
Belmont, NV

Like many historic cities in the Silver State, the grand, bustling city of Belmont has dwindled into one of the state’s more iconic ghost towns.

Gabbs, NV

While most ghost towns in the West are left to the wear and tear of weather and time, Berlin is preserved by the State of Nevada

Gold Point, NV

A mining town that had its beginning in 1868, Gold Point thrived until the 1960s, when an accident shuttered the industry. Today, less than 30 residents welcome visitors to tour the town.

Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings exterior entrance
Jean, NV

Enjoy a step back in time at the wildly authentic Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings. As the set to countless movies & television shows, unwavering Wild West history, Food Network-worthy fare and excellent company, this place is a must see

Moapa Valley, NV

You need to use your imagination when you visit St. Thomas, the now vanished farming and railroad town built at the confluence of the Muddy and Virgin Rivers in southern Nevada. Mormon settlers founded St.