Looking for an out-of-this world experience? Look no further than the world within Nevada. Only in Nevada will visitors find the engineering marvel, the Hoover Dam, the fabulous Las Vegas strip, Area 51 (although you really can’t get in) and the “Loneliest Road.” Nevada’s state parks feature spectacular rock formations, ancient fossils and well-preserved historical monuments, all creating a one-of-a-kind sense of place.

Nevada Adventures

Do As The Pahrumpians Do

The mission is pure fun, 60 miles west of Las Vegas

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A Splendid Start to Summer at the Bathtub Races

If you want to kick off summer the right way, you're going to wanna get to Cave Lake State Park's Annual Bathtub Boat Races, STAT. Nevada is taking watersports to a whole new level with this one!

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Discover & Do

North Las Vegas, NV

Considered to be one of the greatest records of Ice Age fossils in the entire world, Tule Springs is overseen by the National Parks Service is just north of the famed Las Vegas Strip. Perfect to check out during the winter, spring or autumn months, visitors to the  area should make time to peruse this endlessly interesting natural history cache. 

Wells, NV

If you’re traveling Interstate 80 and in search of a killer place to unwind, Nevada style, be sure to get 12 Mile Hot Spring at the very top of your list. Also referred to as Bishop Creek Hot Spring, this little slice of heaven is super close to the northeastern burb of Wells and completely worth a visit.

Elko, NV

Hardly more than a wide spot in the road south of Elko, the community of Jiggs has quite the fascinating and extensive history. Surviving countless troops of bandits, prohibition and a hard to imagine six renames, all that remains in Jiggs today is a good old fashioned, rough and tumble saloon…a place certainly worth checking out.