Nov 4th, 2011 - Dec 31st, 2013
500 North Sierra Street
Bounce is husband and wife duo Svetlana Ivtchenko and Gennadiy Fedounov a pair of jugglers, gymnasts and charismatic entertainers who have created an inimitable, high energy art form all of their own. Combining world class juggling talent with exceptional gymnastic ability, they toss and spin numerous inanimate objects into the air while simultaneously flipping and catching each other. And if you think they jump and tumble like highly trained professional athletes you’re right. At the age of six years old, the pair met and started competing together at the sports and gymnastics school in their hometown in southern Russia. It wasn’t long before the duo threw acrobatic juggling into its act, and at 15 years old, Ivtchenko and Fedounov began training at the world-renowned Circus School in Moscow, which led to invitation to perform around the world. After years of competing, the award-winning team made their U.S. debut with Circus Vargas in 2002. Before coming to the Circus Midway in Reno, the famous acrobats built a reputation thrilling audiences at sporting events, including NBA games, among other various performances. Performance schedules are posted near the Midway Stage and on the Mezzanine. For more information on this, or any other world-class circus show, please call Circus Circus at 775-329-0711.   Circus Circus 500 North Sierra Street Reno, NV 89503