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National Travel Industry Opportunities

Brand USA Partnership Opportunities
In a recent letter to the industry Roger Dow (US Travel), Rossi Ralenkotter (LVCVA) and Todd Davidson (Travel Oregon) discuss the tremendous opportunities available through Brand USA.  Any property or destination interested in international marketing may want to participate in these partnership opportunities with Brand USA.  (More information about these opportunities will be available at the Governor’s Conference). Following is the letter and the programs for consideration:

The travel industry worked to create a national travel promotion program for more than two decades.  We succeeded because of our unified efforts.  The recent launch of Brand USA’s travel promotion campaign marked its transition from a start-up enterprise to a fully functioning destination marketing organization. 

Brand USA will only succeed with input from you – the destinations and attractions it aims to promote.  One way you can assist Brand USA is to provide a clear understanding of the size and scope of our industry’s combined international marketing efforts.  The international spend information you provide on the attached form will be submitted to U.S. Travel, and treated in the strictest confidence.  Aggregated spend data will be provided to Brand USA.  Please return this form to Rebecca Shafer at by Monday, July 16.

An additional way you can assist Brand USA is to explore the multitude of customizable partnership opportunities available.  Please keep in mind that through September 30, 2012, every dollar of cash or in-kind contributions that you invest with Brand USA will earn the organization two dollars in matching funds.  For more information about Brand USA partnership opportunities, please send an email to or contact Amir Eylon, Vice President, Partnership Development – North America at, 202.787.5944 (office) or 614.570.1234 (cell).   Partnership opportunities include:

• In-Kind Contributions:  Contribute advertising, goods and services, supplies and space, marketing and communications or research, content and more. 

• Cooperative Advertising:  Align your brand with Brand USA’s multi-channel media campaign to extend its reach.  Participate in a Brand USA-led co-op program, or use a coordinated media planning and buying strategy with your own advertising creative and messaging.

•  Capture your share of visitors from by participating in Brand USA’s international search engine marketing program, exclusive web offers or developing an online international content package.

• Extended Reach Programs:  Take advantage of Brand USA’s partnership with publishers and tourism supporting marketing organizations through various cooperative opportunities.

• Other Opportunities:  Contract space at trade shows, participate in sales missions, host media FAM tours, utilize Brand USA’s international market representation network, or join research initiatives.

Please join us in partnering with Brand USA.  With your engagement, our industry will ensure that the campaign succeeds, the travel industry benefits, and millions of new and returning international visitors will “Discover this land like never before.”