Sand Mountain

The shifting dunes at the 4,795-acre Sand Mountain Recreation Area are a haven for off-road enthusiasts.


Fallon, NV

(775) 885-6000



Off-roading enthusiasts and ATVers love to buzz up and downthe 4,795-acre Sand Mountain, a 600-foot-high sand dune 25 miles east of Fallon. Sandboarders swoop down the dune just like their snowboarding counterparts. Also, you can camp in designated areas. Riders should be careful when topping out, since the winds create razorbacks and slipfaces on the dunes. A fluorescent-orange “whip flag,” extending at least 8’ above ground level when the vehicle is stopped, is mandatory on all off-highway vehicles. Lighted whip masts should be used at night. Getting there: 25 miles (40 km) east of Fallon, 90 miles east of Reno, Nevada along U.S. Route 50. Fee: $90 annual pass or $40 weekly pass is required and may be purchased on site. Permits are required. Rules & Regulations: • Avoid riding in areas closed to motor vehicles. • Camp only in designated areas. • 8ft. whip flags are required on all vehicles riding in the dunes. • Do not burn wood containing nails, screws or other metal hardware. • Burning tires is prohibited. • Speed limit is 15mph in camping areas. • Discharge any firearms, fireworks, or projectiles is not allowed. • Possess or use any glass cup or bottle is not allowed. • Do not dump gray or wastewater. • Users must pay fee. • Keep a clean camp. Pick up your trash and dispose of it properly. Other information: There is a designated dry-camping area near the base of Sand Mountain. Two new vault toilets are provided, however, visitors should bring plenty of water for drinking and washing since none is available at the site. Campfires are permitted, but there is no wood available. Weather: Spring and fall offer the best weather at Sand Mountain. Mid-winter months can be cold and wet and summer days can be hot, dry and windy.  


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