NCOT’s Mission

The Nevada Commission on Tourism’s mission is to generate revenue for the state of Nevada by attracting visitors to spend money in this state. Tourism is Nevada’s No. 1 industry and generates $58 billion in total travel spending.

NCOT generates an ROI

The Nevada Commission on Tourism invests in Nevada’s economy, and every $1 spent on advertising generates an ROI of $20 in state and local tax revenue. This is in addition to the millions of dollars that flow into hotels, shops, shows, restaurants and other venues.

NCOT does not impact the General Fund

The Nevada Commission on Tourism receives 3/8 of 1 percent of the room tax and does not impact the General Fund.  NCOT’s spending authority depends wholly upon the tourism economy. 

NCOT is the only tourism agency that promotes the entire state

The Nevada Commission on Tourism is the only agency that promotes tourism for the entire state, including Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and all of Nevada’s rural communities. Like weaving threads to create a tapestry, NCOT integrates Nevada’s multitude of attractions to create the picture of an enticing, compelling destination.

Example: NCOT promotes travel on U.S. Highway 50 for visitors to experience “The Loneliest Road in America,” historic mining towns and other “Wild West” attractions along the route. This promotion delivers visitors to Fernley, Fallon, Austin, Eureka, Ely and Great Basin National Park.

No other agency can fulfill this mission. NCOT has spent 25 years developing a high level of knowledge and expertise about Nevada’s tourism products and markets.

Weakening NCOT would hurt rural Nevada

To weaken or diminish the work of the Nevada Commission on Tourism would hurt rural Nevada by directly impacting its marketing prospects and crippling various programs that draw visitors to local communities and help sustain tourism-reliant economies.

Eventually, the need to restore curtailed programs would become evident.

Example : Colorado eliminated $11.2 million funding for its state tourism program in 1992-93. In 2000, seeking to rectify a mistake, Colorado restored funding for state tourism, investing $19 million. The state is finally regaining momentum lost for 15 years. In 1997, Colorado lost $2 billion in tourism revenue. Between 1993 and 1997, Colorado suffered a 30 percent decrease in its tourism market share. In the first year after Colorado restored permanent tourism funding in 2006, restaurant expenditures rose a record-setting 14 percent; attractions and sightseeing venues rose 15 percent, retail purchases 4 percent and hotel and other lodging 5 percent.  Colorado was the nation’s No. 1 summer resort destination at the time it cut tourism funding. By 1997, the state had dropped to No. 11.

NCOT’s 25 years of experience benefits rural network

Commission staff works closely with its statewide rural tourism network and has developed 25 years of expertise in understanding Nevada’s communities, their tourism products, leadership and needs.This relationship with rural Nevada enables NCOT to identify and address issues and ensure the best use of each grant.

Most Nevada communities are rural and do not have the means to independently promote their tourism product on national and international levels. They depend on the Nevada Commission on Tourism to accomplish this activity.

NCOT obtains media coverage worldwide

The Nevada Commission on Tourism promotes all of Nevada’s attractions with news reporters, editors, travel writers, photographers, television program producers and social media worldwide. No other tourism entity is equipped with the familiarity, expertise, opportunity and drive to attract visitors to rural Nevada, as well as to Reno and Las Vegas. NCOT’s Media Relations department provides context that pulls together all of Nevada’s attractions, history, events, entertainment, lodging and other activities and amenities into a package unlike any other.

NCOT’s Rural Grants program helps draw visitors

The Nevada Commission on Tourism provides matching grants that enable rural communities to promote their attractions and draw visitors. The Rural Grants program, under NCOT’s Sales and Industry Partners department, is an economic lifeline for Nevada’s rural communities. The program distributes approximately $1 million a year statewide in carefully allotted grants for specific programs that attract visitors with advertising and other promotional activities. The program total fluctuates as the state room tax revenue fluctuates. 

Only nonprofit organizations and local governments can receive the funding and grants must be matched with local funding or in-kind contributions. Payments are spread throughout rural Nevada on the basis of need and chance for success, as equitably as possible.

Most rural communities that receive promotional grants could not afford to place the ad, purchase the banner, attend the trade show or accomplish other marketing goals without grants.

Nevada’s unique marketing coverage

NCOT markets and advertises Las Vegas and Reno, bringing in tour operators and influential travel media from around the world for familiarization tours to experience first-hand the attractions and amenities of Nevada’s two metropolitan areas. In addition, NCOT’s Marketing and Advertising department produces promotional programs and materials created solely to draw visitors to rural communities, attractions and events. No other tourism entity coordinates and markets Nevada’s entire tourism product.

Nevada’s statewide tourism territories

The Nevada Commission on Tourism’s statewide network of tourism territory volunteers helps keep goals in sight and projects on track. NCOT, together with territory volunteers, coordinates rural tourism activities throughout Nevada and helps the six territories chart a course and achieve tourism promotion goals.

Native American tourism

Nevada’s 26 Native American colonies and reservations depend on the Nevada Commission on Tourism’s rural grants to help promote their cultural attractions. NCOT reaches out to tribal communities through its Indian Territory and provides grants that assist in promotions. These include a brochure listing 31 different events put on by Nevada’s Native Americans to benefit their tourism economy and a Tour by Cell program at the historic Stewart Indian School property that enables visitors to hear oral histories of each building.

Nevada Magazine

Nevada Magazine promotes Nevada’s urban and rural communities, heritage, culture, events, activities and natural wonders to more than 30,000 subscribers, newsstand customers and potential visitors who contact NCOT for tourism information. Nevada Magazine is self-sustaining through an enterprise fund.

The magazine also publishes 97,000 copies of Events & Shows that are distributed at local airports, visitor centers and gift shops throughout Nevada. The publication pulls together all of Nevada’s entertainment, including rural Nevada communities and features complete, updated statewide listings.

Nevada Magazine staff promotes Nevada at its Tour 'Round Nevada program as well as trade shows, Rotary groups and other organizations. contains additional information about the state and a calendar of Events and Shows that is updated daily.