Alamo, Nevada

The little town of Alamo is situated just 90 miles north of Las Vegas, but the friendly community feels decades away. The quaint town marked its 110th anniversary in July of 2011, yet still maintains an appealing, small-town atmosphere reminiscent of an earlier time. The town’s appealing character charms visitors passing through on their way to nearby attractions and points of interest, of which there is no shortage. Alamo sits in the fertile Pahranagat Valley, which is home to the popular tourist attraction, the Pahranagat National Wildlife refuge. The Pahranagat Refuge, one of over 500 managed areas in the Refuge system, has more than 5,000 acres of wetlands and grasslands and serves as a critical stop on the Great Pacific Migratory Route. Thousands of migratory birds and waterfowl from dozens of different species pass through the valley annually, making for a truly incredible spectacle. Visitors to the Refuge may also find petroglyphs, rock art and rock sculptures, remnants of the native people who have lived in the Pahranagat Valley for thousands of years.

Alamo is surrounded by beautiful countryside with an abundance of lakes that offer fantastic fishing. The nearby hot springs and archaeological sites are also popular tourist attractions. And as Alamo enjoys the distinction of being one of the closest inhabited places to the mysterious Area 51, it also sees its share of UFO-hunters.