Fernley, Nevada

Originally founded as a ranching and agricultural hotspot in the early 1900s, Fernley divvies up the best of rural living with big city amenities a mere 30 minutes from Reno. Perched in the eastern foothills of the Virginia Mountain Range, Fernley offers stunning mountain views, sweeping valleys with an impressive range of western light and unbelievable recreational opportunities.

Considering Fernley is surrounded by thousands upon thousands of acres of Bureau of Land Management public land, the area begs to be hiked, biked, ridden and explored until you’re blue in the face. And, with a variety of roadside inns, restaurants, gas stations and casinos, Fernley is a great place to stock up before hitting the Nevada backcountry. Campers, hikers, and explorers will find idyllic sites and miles and miles of trails in wide open landscape. And, at certain times of year, birdwatchers will enjoy spotting an unimaginable amount of migratory birds that pass through the area. In fact, the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, which is just around the corner in Fallon, is considered to be these winged beauties.

This hospitable community is also conveniently located just minutes to the south of the mysterious and beautiful Pyramid Lake, an unusual salt-water lake on the Paiute Indian Reservation that offers world-class fishing and boating. The endemic, original strain of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout continue to be record-breaking in size, meaning angling enthusiasts can have a serious chance of reeling in a 20-pounder.

Fernley is also located on the crossroads of Interstate 80 and Highway 50, making it one of the two western starting points of the Loneliest Road in America. If you’re into road trips, be sure to pick up an Official Highway 50 Survival Guide to commemorate your journey across the Loneliest Road in America. As Fernley is an official stop along this iconic route, be sure to collect your stamp here to complete your Survival Guide. Once you have the flap stamped in at least five of the eight communities, fill out your info on the back flap and mail it to TravelNevada’s offices for an official “I Survived the Loneliest Road” certificate, signed by Nevada’s governor.