Carlin, Nevada

Welcome to Carlin, “Where the train stops… and the Gold Rush begins.” The tiny community of Carlin was founded as a campsite for miners during the Gold Rush of the 1840s before exploding when the Transcontinental Railroad came roaring through the West. Chinese immigrants who helped build the train tracks grew tremendous gardens that fed most of the residents of Carlin and nearby Elko, further establishing the town as a permanent settlement. This northeastern, Nevada community is situated right in the heart of gold country – and takes advantage of it. The Silver State is, ironically, one of the top gold producers in the world, and much of it comes straight from Carlin Trend, an area that houses two of the largest gold mines in the continent.

Today, just over 2,300 residents make Carlin their full-time home, but the town still offers a surprising array of attractions and amenities. Carlin is also world-famous for its University of, Nevada, Reno, Fire Science Academy, one of the top training facilities in the world. The academy challenges even the most experienced emergency-response professionals with its state-of-the-art programs, classes and real-life training scenarios.

On the recreation side, Carlin offers a nine-acre activity area with baseball fields, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, a custom youth playground and a football and soccer field. There’s also an equestrian park and a youth skate park. Outside of town, Carlin is ideally situated to offer unlimited access to great spots for biking, camping, backpacking, fishing and hunting. Visitors can tour the Chinese Gardens Nature Study Area, home to trails, streams and ponds bursting with fish, and picnic areas. Also nearby are the Ruby Marshes, Wildhorse Reservoir, Lamoille Canyon, South Fork State Recreation Area, Angel Lake and the Jarbidge Wilderness Area.


Carlin, NV

Unlike most parks this one seems to be improving with age with a friendly and helpful staff.  This is a very nice stop - especially if you like desert activities such as ATV, hiking, biking, etc. There are gates right out the back of the park to a series of trails and routes around the local hills, etc. A lot of (the nice type) of full-timers around and everyone has ATVs. There are some neat areas to travel to all around.

Carlin, NV

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