Jackpot, Nevada

Jackpot is a true, Nevada gambling town, born in the early 1950s when Idaho cracked down on illegal gaming. Jackpot, situated at the, Nevada-Idaho border on US 93, began as a cabin full of slot machines just across the, Nevada stateline. Today, the community is home to several impressive casinos that regularly play host to the rush of visitors pouring in from Idaho. In fact, the town is one of the biggest employers of southern Idaho natives, and for their benefit, sets its clocks to Idaho time, one hour later than the rest of, Nevada.

While gambling may be Jackpot’s main attraction, more and more visitors are being lured by the outstanding and endless outdoor recreation. The Jarbidge Wilderness Area is situated in the mountains to the southwest of Jackpot and offers phenomenal hunting and fishing. The majority of, Nevada’s record deer come from this area, and bird hunters will enjoy the number of sage grouse, chukar and pheasant. The Little Salmon River and its many tributaries are excellent for regularly catching rainbow and brown trout up to four pounds. Outdoor enthusiasts stopping in Jackpot can stock up on supplies before venturing into the great outdoors. And for those interested in more civilized pursuits, Jackpot offers nice accommodations, great dining, a fun golf course and all the gambling they desire.