By NCOT Blogger |

Summer should mean but one thing: Adventure. In Nevada. With all the trimmings. Can we get an AMEN??? Pick your adventure. Then enter. And then go nuts.

Git Along On The Roundup.

Disconnect from the bustling world and mosey on into Wells’ Cottonwood Ranch. Saunter through northeastern Nevada in the deliciously serene cowboy territory on a personal tour with a real cowboy. We are a hardy bunch and like to do things our own way. Go on, pony up to this adventure if you think you’ve got some of that true Nevada grit that gets us excited around these parts.

Wild Blue Yonder. 

Go unwaveringly into the wild blue yonder. Understand our world within from up above when you soar the endless azure skies in a glider. Drift above the Sierra in hot air balloon at the Great Reno Balloon Race or get up close and personal to the rumblings of airborne competitors at the National Championship Air Races. Cap off the trip and feast like the locals do at JT Basque. Sling back a few Picon Punches and feast on a signature dishes like garlic and garlic….with a side of steak.

Zippy Go Fast.

Go from houseboat, to zipline, to top gear. If you have that adrenaline itch that’s begging to be scratched, kick up your boots on a houseboat in Lake Mead for a few days. Enjoy those tranquil moments, because the next time you see it, you’re going to be moving over 60 mph on a zipline in Bootleg Canyon above it. If that’s not enough to get your blood racing, top off the trip with the satisfactory scent of burned rubber and gasoline and rip through Red Rock Canyon in some choice autos. 

Answer the next “Have you ever…?” with a “Heck yeah!” Go ahead and enter to win. Amen.