Take time out from all of your exciting Nevada adventures to soak in a steamy hot spring. The Silver State has more than 300 naturally occurring hot springs, and while some are not intended for use, there are several hot springs that cater to this unique relaxation experience.

Nevada Adventures

In Search of Hot Springs and Volcanic Features In Northwestern Nevada

Sure there are hot springs enthusiasts out there, but not all of them can bring fascinating geothermal expertise to the table. Luckily, Nevada resident Chip Carroon provides some irresitible insight on the magic behind these lovely hot spots

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Binging On Basque With Some Real Buckaroos

Feasting My Heart Out In Cowboy Country, Followed By Some Expert Level Adventuring in the Rubies

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Discover & Do

Northern, NV

As One Of The Most Well-Cared-For, Ideally Located Hot Springs in Nevada, Paradise Valley Is Most Certainly Nothing Shot Of, Well....Paradise

Elko, NV

Deep in the heart of the Ruby Mountains—arguably the most rugged range in Nevada—are the sincerely incredible Ruby Valley Hot Springs.

Winnemucca, NV

Leach Hot Springs, Just Outside of Winnemucca Is Perfect For Hot Spring Enthusiasts Looking For A Natural Dip In Some Beautiful Nevada Backcountry