Eureka Sentinel Museum

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10 N. Monroe
Eureka , 89316

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Part of the charm of the Eureka Sentinel Museum is its setting. Situated in the same building that housed the Eureka Sentinel newspaper from 1879 until 1960, the museum’s first floor features a complete pressroom from the late 1800s. The pressroom walls are plastered with posters that were printed by the newspaper all those years ago and all of the press equipment is original. It’s a fascinating glimpse into Eureka’s booming heyday, the result of lead and silver strikes in the 1860s. Another interesting display at the Eureka Sentinel Museum covers this rich mining history. The exhibit features a variety of tools from early mining days and historic documents that include stock certificates, ledgers and personal items from bygone miners.

The intriguing look into Eureka’s past continues on the museum’s second floor. Various exhibits depict aspects of everyday life in the early days of Eureka’s establishment, featuring preserved items from the local school and various parlors and kitchens. A late 1800s Eureka Barber Shop, complete with oak barber chair, is also visible through a window as visitors walk down the second story hallway. Other artifacts at the Eureka Sentinel Museum include military uniforms from both the first and second world wars, as well as items from various fire companies and fraternal organizations. In addition to its historic building, interesting displays and amazing artifacts, the museum features a gift shop that offers local crafts and books about Eureka’s rich past.

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