Mineral County Museum

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400 10th St.
Hawthorne , 89415

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With a name like the Mineral County Museum, visitors may think they’re in for an afternoon of rock and mineral displays. But with its varied collections, the Hawthorne museum does a fantastic job of preserving the region’s rich heritage and culture. Some of the special collections at the Mineral County Museum include its early 1800s mission bells, Victorian furniture, cameras and vintage clothing, hats and shoes. The museum also features an array of relics and artifacts from the region’s industrial past, including mining, railroad and fire equipment, as well as specialized tools from the nearby ammunition base. Another display showcases horse-drawn carriages. Visitors exploring the museum will also find a reproduction of a turn-of-the-century pharmacy filled with fascinating artifacts, as well as exhibits featuring fossils and wildlife. And of course, there are the incredible rock and mineral displays that showcase part of what Nevada famous. These displays offer an intriguing glimpse into the treasures buried in underground Nevada.

The Mineral County Museum is open seasonally with varying summer and winter hours. School field trips are welcome and the museum offers a variety of curriculum-based programs that are available upon request.

The non-profit Mineral County Museum is owned by the county and open to the public with no admission fee, although donations are accepted and used to support special projects. The museum also features a small gift shop.

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